V-Moda Faders Review – Practice Safe Sound

V-Moda’s Faders are an interesting take on the classic ear plug. They’re essentially a pair of nice-looking earbuds you would listen to music on, except they don’t play music. Like any other ear plug, they help keep your ears safe from loud noises; great for concerts, studying, sleeping, or construction (if that’s what you’re into).

V-Moda, a big name in the headphone industry, will soon be releasing the Faders ear plugs. The ear plugs filter harmful noise levels up to 12dB, while still allowing you to hear music and speech. Like headphones, they come with a variety of silicone ear tips so you can find a comfortable fit (sizes: small, medium, and large). Each ear plug looks exactly like a pair of headphone ear buds, specifically V-Moda’s well crafted ear buds. They’re metal and even have a metal grate just like a real pair of in-ear headphones. The ear plugs are connected by a short woven cord, almost two feet in length. This means you can leave them hanging from your neck when they’re not in your ears.

You insert them into your ears just as you would a regular pair of earbuds. The further into your ear canal you push the buds, the more sound is blocked out. At a loud electronic rock concert, I was originally disappointed by the lack of vocals I was able to hear. I realized the buds were inserted too deeply and tightly (they were working too well!). I was able to loosen the buds from my canal just enough until I reached a comfortable volume. I was able to hear all aspects of the music perfectly without hurting my eardrums.

The V-Moda Faders Ear Plugs work pretty much exactly how you would expect them to. It’s not too much different than just sticking any comfortable headphones in your ears. They won’t cut out all sound, but they will cut out more than enough to keep your ears safe. They could not be easier to insert and remove from your ears and it’s convenient that they can hang from your neck. You have a lot of control over how much sound you want to block by how far you push the plugs in your ear. As V-Moda puts it: “Practice Safe Sound”. In fact, the Faders were developed because Val Kolton, owner and founder of V-Moda wanted to preserve his hearing. He wanted to enjoy going to concerts but without having to sacrifice hearing loss. We love our loud concerts, but not as much as we love our auditory sense. No word on pricing or availability yet, but expect to see them on shelves soon.





The Good: Light; comfortable; durable and  stylish. Can adjust for desired noise reduction. Good-Looking and simple cord Connecting Ear Plugs

The Bad: That they aren’t available yet!

Update 1/17/2011: Check out our review of the 2012 edition V-Moda Faders