AT&T and Exmovere Partner To Fight SIDS with Wireless Baby Pajamas

The worst nightmare of any parent is losing their child – which happens about 2,300 times a year because of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). AT&T and Exmovere are now partnering up to try to get that number a little closer to zero.

Exmovere has created a set of baby pajamas outfitted with biosensors to monitor an infant’s vital signs. Thanks to the partnership with AT&T, those vital signs can now be pushed over AT&T’s network to computers, tablets, and smartphones at regular intervals, letting parents know how their child is doing at all times. If any levels reach a critical state, an alert will immediately be sent to the parent.

The pajamas are available in four different sizes for kids 0 to 12 months old, and the electronics can be removed for washing. Pricing and availability is unknown as of now, but if you’re a new or expecting parent, keep tabs on this story and keep on the lookout for updates.