The CSYS LED Task Light Will Out Live Your Dog

It’ll probably outlive the dog you get after the first one dies, too. The CSYS LED Task Light from Jake Dyson is able to last for upwards of 37 years, but it gets better. For what is essentially a desk lamp, the design is ingenious and should be very useful for just about anyone with a desk.

The Task Light resembles a construction crane. This shape allows the light to be moved up or down, which allows the user to concentrate light on one place, or give light to a wider part of whatever they are working on. The Task Light cuts down on light spill, hot spots, and glare, all while coming in a minimalist, unobtrusive design.

So, how does this thing last so long? Heat pipes conduct heat away from the light source, distributing it evenly across the heat sink to keep temperature down in all parts of the lamp, making sure that no parts or bulbs wear down too quickly. This combined with the efficiency of LED lights makes for a light source that is five times more energy efficient than a halogen bulb. The CSYS LED Task Light will go on sale shortly for £550.00 ($858 USD).