DODOCase Makes the Kindle Fire Even Hotter

Tablet cases usually aren’t much of a reason to get excited, but you have to give the people behind the DODOCase credit for making the effort on this one. Each DODOCase is handcrafted out of black Moroccan cloth (I’m not sure what that implies, but it sounds cool) and features a hand-carved one piece bamboo tray that is made to fit the Kindle Fire exactly, while leaving all buttons accessible. There are also sound channels built in, so the speakers aren’t hindered. The DODOCase doubles as a stand, for hands-free enjoyment.

You can score your high class Kindle Fire DODOCase in red, green, sky blue, or charcoal. Each case costs about $45, and you can plunk down an extra $10 to get it monogrammed. Because what the hell, why not?