MAXROAM Global Data SIM Card Offers International Data on the Cheap

For a good number of us, using data on our mobile devices while traveling abroad is pretty much out of the question. Roaming fees and international data plans from the major carriers are astronomical, as seen in the scores of horror stories involving people getting stuck with four-figure plus phone bills. Fortunately, if you’re toting around an unlocked phone, there’s some good news on the horizon.

The MAXROAM Global Data SIM card can be put into any unlocked GSM mobile device. The SIM card currently works in 43 countries, and enables you to consume data abroad for a flat $0.65 per MB in more than 200 different countries. That’s not necessarily cheap – if you consume 200 MB in a month, that’s still $130 coming out of your pocket, and many users consume much more data than that. Still, it’s a far cry from what you would be paying your regular service provider, so if you can rein in your data use, it’s a pretty nice deal. The low rate is made possible by the SIM card accessing the cheapest local service providers in each region. Interestingly, there is mention of a monthly data cap, but as of now it is unclear what that cap is.

Right now, you can buy a data SIM card from MAXROAM’s website, along with either 10 MB or 50 MB of data prepaid. Those bundles cost $13.50 and $39, respectively. You’ll only be roaming with these SIM cards, though. You won’t get coverage in the United States – the 43 countries mentioned above are mostly in Europe or Southeast Asia.

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