Jason Segel & Emily Blunt Are Getting Married; On a Blog That is

With how realistic this blog is, you’d think they actually were getting married. But, it’s just an ad campaign, in the same vein as Segel’s vengeful Forgetting Sarah Marshall faux-blog, for his and Emily Blunt’s new movie, The Five-Year Engagement. You’ll never guess what the movie is about.

To promote the movie, Tom and Violet’s wedding blog has hit the net, and it is incredibly impressive in its unassuming normalcy. It’s exactly what you would expect from a wedding blog made by two people who aren’t really sure what to put on a wedding blog – it’s so perfectly unremarkable you have to wonder how much research went into this.

Segel awkwardly and endearingly appears in the first short clip on the blog, where he announces the engagement to the family and friends of the in-movie couple. You can check out the trailer out for the movie, and see that things get a little more complicated. You can also get backgrounds on some of the characters in time for the movie’s release on April 27th, 2012.