Kindle Fire Update 6.2.1 Brings Much Needed Performance Improvements

Amazon has released a major software update for the Kindle Fire that brings significant performance improvements to the popular tablet.  The version 2.6.1 update is supposed to enhance fluidity and performance, improve touch navigation responsiveness, it gives you the option to choose which items to display on the carousel, and it adds the ability to add a password lock on Wi-Fi access. The update will be automatically delivered to Kindle Fire users as an over-the-air update. Users can also download the update via USB. But if you choose to download the OTA update, you’ll need to make sure first that your battery is fully charged, or else the device won’t offer you the option to install the update.

We haven’t installed the update yet ourselves, but we have heard that the update really does address most of our original complaints that we had when we reviewed the Kindle Fire, which included sluggish responsiveness and occasional lags. With this 6.2.1 update, the Amazon Kindle Fire is set to become an even greater value.

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