Watch Your Back If You See This Stormtrooper on a Harley

Looks like the Empire is recruiting. With any luck, this means Harley Davidson speeder bikes are just around the corner.

You can join the galactic fight against the Rebel scum with a Stormtrooper Motorcycle Suit from UD Replicas. The suits are available in Shadow Trooper black or Imperial white, and are made completely from grade-A cowhide leather. There’s an amazingly committed attention to detail here, even including pains taken to hide the front zipper so it doesn’t mess with the effect (an effort that was in large part successful). The suit also features raised rib detailing on the shoulders, legs, torso, and midsection, making the leather suit look like the hard, solid armor from the Star Wars series. Protective body armor for riders is present throughout the suit, but is removable in case you just want to don the suit at the next convention. You might lose points for not going homemade, though.

Now all we need is a Vader suit. Just the thought of Vader leading a motorcycle gang of stormtroopers down the highway is one that is infinitely ripe for hilarity, and maybe some terrified drivers. At least, for the drivers who can’t use Jedi mind tricks.

The Stormtrooper Motorcycle Suit, in total, costs $1,165 CAD (Canadian), or about $1,143 USD, and orders will be delivered in the second quarter of 2012. It’s a limited edition item, with only 500 units being made. You can buy the jacket, pants, gloves, and boots separately, but if you’re interested in this, I can’t imagine why you would want to.


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