Tamagotchi Celebrates 15th Anniversary with Limited Edition Release

Children of the ’90s, prepare to feel old. Tamagotchi, the wildly popular digital pet and natural successor of the pet rock and the Chia Pet is turning 15 years old. All told, Tamagotchi sold 78 million units during its reign over elementary and middle schools everywhere, as kids were captivated by constantly needing to feed their pixelated pal and clean up the seemingly interminable piles of poop that would result.

To celebrate its 15th birthday, Bandai is releasing a brand new version to take over everyone’s lives, receiving big upgrades from the stone age ’90s tech it used to run on. The Tamagotchi iD L 15th Anniversary Model features full color, and tons of different scenes as you explore the digital world with your pet. There are 32 different characters to choose from, with 11 of those being exclusive to the iD series. You can also connect to other Tamagotchi owners wirelessly. You can swap items with other pets, or, if there’s a love connection, join the two pets in marriage (after a proper courting period, of course).

Reliving the ’90s doesn’t exactly come cheap, though. The Tamagotchi iD L 15th Anniversary Model costs $113, plus $20 for shipping, since it’ll be coming over from Japan. The iD L comes in pink or purple.

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