Feel Your Music in Your Bones with AfterShokz Headphones

Usually, headphone makers try to draw customers by touting noise cancellation. With their Sport headphones, though, AfterShokz is trying to get as far away from noise cancellation as possible. That’s a good thing for runners and bikers who like their music, but don’t like getting pancaked by buses because they were too engrossed in their exercise mix.

The AfterShokz Sport Headphones don’t cover the ear at all, leaving the ear canal open, so the user can hear outside noises and stay alert while enjoying their music. How do you hear music without having headphones touching the ear? You do thanks to military technology – bone conduction tech that carries sound waves through the listener’s cheekbones to the inner ear.

The AfterShokz Sport Headphones also feature an in-line microphone, and are sweat and water resistant. Exercise lovers in big cities might want to listen up – these headphones seem to be the best on the market when it comes to safety in the city. Who knew anti-noise cancellation could be a good thing? The headphones are selling now from the AfterShokz website for about $60.