The DiscoRobo from Tosy Hearts Music and Dance

Not all robots are killer machines sent from the future (but they know who to blame for that marketing) as some are cuddly looking creatures that make your insides melt. Sure, the Tosy DiscoRobo might not really be smiling AT you, but with heart shaped LED eyes and a range of smile features, it sure feels like he’s your friend.

The DiscoRobo is the little brother of the just announced mRobo Ultra Bass, but what it lacks in Transformer style capabilities and sound output it makes up for in cute value. We have very little information about how it actually works, but going by the high tech specs of its older brother we’re guessing it has an internal microphone that picks up audio and forces it into mouth widening grooves that will keep you endlessly amused.

The Discorobo’s catchphrase is, ‘Hi my name is DiscoRobo, and I love music and crave excitement, I love being in the spotlight anywhere I go. Are you with me?’

Not only can it create some serious shapes but the DiscoRobo also has a variety of facial expressions it scrolls through, from winks to smiles- all which will make your heart melt.


Check out the DiscoRobo from Tosy here– price and release date TBD.