You Will Want to Snuggle and Cuddle the Easycase Teddy Bear for iPad

Apple fans will understand the huge surges of love we get for our iPads and iPhone devices and now there’s a way you can express this affection with the huggable loveable teddy bear iPad cabin. Designed to both protect and display the iPad, it’s made out of a breathable mesh fabric and is ergonomically designed to be comfortable to hold. It would be great to use this as a seat to protect yourself from product heat and the screen cover of the iPad cabin can also be used as an elevation cushion, so you can get a better viewing angle when you’re playing Angry Birds/ watching a movie.

There are 5 available designs for the iPad cabin, but the only one we’re aware of is the teddy bear so it’s probable the rest are still in development. It’s super cute and very strokeable-this might be the cutest thing we’ve spotted at CES 2012 so far this year.

It’s not currently available in the USA yet but you can view it on the Easycase website here. Fingers crossed they manage to get a trading licence- would love to see these in large scale production.