Eversense is an iPhone Controlled Thermostat

AllureEnergy had a working unit of the Eversense on display at CES 2012 in Las Vegas. The Eversense is a thermostat with a little extra functionality that could cut down on energy bill costs for some.

The Eversense works wirelessly with heating and air conditioning systems and the iPhone via the Allure app to control home temperature remotely. The app will use the phone’s GPS to activate heating or air conditioning once the user gets close enough to home, the benefit being that the user doesn’t need to run either system continually while out and about in order to come home to a perfectly warm or cool house. As an extra feature, the Eversense can stream music, videos, and photos from your phone.

The Eversense will be available sometime Q2 of 2012 for $349. It should help out with energy bills, but only for those with Baby Bear sensibilities. If you can stand to get by just turning your heating or air conditioning on when you get home and toughing out those first few minutes of it being too hot or too cold, the Eversense won’t be of much use.