Crayola MyPhones From Griffin are Headphones You Want To Play With

They say that your crayon of colour says a lot about you. Do you head straight to the blue section, or do you love the greens and browns? OK, this question may not have been one you’ve thought about for many years, but thanks to the soon to be released MyPhones from Crayola and Griffin, you may have to have a long hard think about these options.

There are two versions of the MyPhones available, in-ear and on-ear and both have volume limiting circuitry which keeps volume down to a level recommended for delicate young ears.

The in-ear versions will be available in the spring for $14.99 a pair and come in four shades- purple pizzazz, blue berry, Caribbean green and cotton candy. They come packaged inside a faux Crayola crayon, which also contains three pairs of silicone earbuds, to enable a perfect fit.

The on-ear headphones will retail for $24.99 and come with stickers and Crayola markers so you can design your pair and make it uniquely yours. They have two colour combos, pink/purple and blue/green.

Crayola didn’t just have fun with headphones – there are also some stylish iPod cases to let you embrace your inner child as well. They cost $24.99 each and come in a range of shades including purple pizzazz, blue berry, Caribbean green and cotton candy. Just like LEGO bricks, Crayola appeals to those young and old and never goes out of style…