iHome iDM5 Executive Space-Save Station Thinks It’s a Commodore 64

iHome is really loving their tributes to retro gadgets as of late. Just a few months ago they debuted the Portable Boombox that looked like it escaped from the 80’s, and now it looks like their latest iPad accessory is an ode to the Commodore 64. The chunky black design certainly harks back to the days of Basic.

The Executive Space-Saver Station is a very professional looking iPad 2 keyboard with dock that also sports a speaker phone. That’s right you can shout at this thing if you so choose, with its built-in microphone for video conferencing. And if you don’t happen to have an iPad, it will also work with other devices via Bluetooth.

The Station props up your iPad too very nicely, and if you are on the go, it will fold down to be taken to your next meeting. Not much more info is available for the Executive Space-Saver Station as of now. But one thing is for sure, you will be the coolest exec in the boardroom.