iLuv Announces the First Ever Kindle Audio Dock

An audio dock probably isn’t the first thing you think of when you consider Kindle accessories, but if you want one, iLuv will be selling one. The iMM375 MobiDock is designed for the Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch specifically, though it will work with any device that accepts a 3.5 mm connection. Robotic arms on the device are designed to grasp the Fire or the Touch snugly.

The iMM375 looks sleek, and could be a solid addition for anyone who happens to be a fan of audiobooks. If you have audiobooks for the little ones, this could be a comfortable way to pull off story time without tiring out your own voice (or if you just don’t have a good storytelling voice yourself). If you have a Fire, the iMM375 looks to be an easy way to enjoy movies or music hands-free, with a little extra aid to the Fire’s built-in speakers.

The iMM375 MobiDock will be available in May for about $70.