These Kitty Cases will Make Your iPhone 4 Purr

There is a dizzying amount of iPhone 4S cases available for you to purchase, especially considering that the phone really didn’t come out that long ago. That said, there might not be a case on the market as adorable as the KiKi Case (even the name gets you!). Every time you look at your phone, you can have a cute little kitty peeking contentedly over the corner – you’d be upset about invasion of privacy if that face wasn’t so darn innocent. I do have to admit, though, that the hole in the back of kitty’s head, while necessary for the iPhone 4S’ camera, is a little disturbing.

The KiKi Case is available in eight colors – pink, vivid pink, white, orange, mint green, green, black, and gray. You can be purring with contentment for a little over $18. Now, dog lovers can only hope tail-wagging puppies are in the pipe so they can get their own baby animal fix.