Get Ready to Pucker Up to the Love Uniq Line of iPhone and iPad Cases

We first laid eyes on Uniq’s creative and inspiring iPhone and iPad cases at CES, now we’ve gone hands-on with their Love Uniq line. These glam cases are the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift for your iPad 2 or iPhone 4/4S. I mean don’t they just scream “KISS ME!!”

The iPhone and iPad cases we’ve reviewed is called “Gimme a Big Kiss,” appropriately named for the big red lips popping off of the case.

The iPhone and iPad cases look almost identical from the outside, both have front covers. The iPad cover opens like a book from the right-hand side and the iPhone opens from the top, folding down, like a notepad. On the front of the cases are the big red lips which appear to pop off of the case in total 3D glory. The lips are glossy, textured, and couldn’t look tastier. Thank g-d there is no tongue sticking out.

Below the lips it’s signed “love, Uniq”. The rest of the case is covered in a glossy black plastic. The entire case is reinforced and tough, the front side has an extra layer of cushion. The interiors of both cases is a soft red microfiber.

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The iPad 2 case is really nice, it’s not too bulky and yet it’s really  protective and comfortable to hold. The front of the screen has the  magnetic smartlock feature that turns the screen on and off. The iPad snaps into six plastic holsters for a snug fit. The only deterring factor of  the Love Uniq  iPad 2 case is that it doesn’t have a built-in stand feature.

The iPhone 4/4S case is great if you keep your phone in your bag or backpack…or if you’re just a bit careless with your phone. The front cover folds down and can either hang down or fold behind the case. All  ports and buttons are very accessible. The only drawback is that the cover must be opened in order to charge the case.

These particular cases are probably not targeted towards guys and thankfully Uniq has a lot of amazing looking cases for all sorts of mobile devices and tastes. The Love Uniq line happens to be a bit more feminine, but is undoubtedly fabulous looking. While they may be girly, you can be as tough as you want with them; they’re both very protective and very durable.

The Love Uniq Line can be purchased from UniqCases.com. The iPad 2 Love Uniq cases cost $79.00. The iPhone 4/4S case costs $34.90. Both cases are on the pricier side, but you are paying for the style, durability and the big mouth…

The Good: Unique, stylish, accessible ports, feels nice, protective, durable and the ladies will love it!

The Bad: Pricey, no built-in stands and the iPhone cover must be opened to charge and guys will probably hate it.

01/27/12: Uniq Creations has asked us to clarify about some of the features for the Love Uniq iPad 2 case. And that is that “the slightly high price is due to it is made of full genuine patent leather on the outside with full micro fibre for inner. Also, there are 3 versatile standing angles for this collection. The diff grooves are cater for use with diff angles. Video, Gaming and Typing. For iPhone 4S – the flip cover actually double up as a ‘dust cover’ for the charging port when the flip is up. To prevent excessive dust and dirt getting into the charging ports.”

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