Monster In-Ear Gratitude Headphones Review

Gratitude In-Ear headphones from Monster are the latest entry to their ever expanding headphone line-up. Paying homage to 40 years of  Earth, Wind & Fire, Monster collaborated with the group to bring about Gratitude, which is fitting since the band has a song titled just that. Gratitude was specifically engineered and tuned to reproduce music that features rich vocals, wind or brass instruments. Not all headphones can collect the crispness needed to really hear the brass burn on a trumpet, well not without making your ears bleed.

Fortunately, Gratitude In-Ear Headphones are not only solid in sound but also construction. The rose gold exterior makes it an eye-catcher, while the earbuds themselves are light in the palm of your hand.  The earbuds are also designed in a such a way that it curves inward making a nice seal in your ear canal for increased sound isolation. Gratitude also touts not only one, but two carrying cases in the box, along with a slew of color coordinated SuperTips that come in various different sizes. So you are bound to find one that fits your ear. Personally we used the smallest ear tip for testing and even though it initially fit in our ear comfortably, after about 2 hours we began to feel a little bit of pressure and had to take a break for awhile. Lastly, the flat tangle free cable completes the entire package.

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Gratitude makes music from Earth, Wind & Fire, Dionne Warwick, and Vanessa Williams come alive. We aren’t saying that Gratitude will only work well with music from vocalists or bands from the 70’s, but with certain music types, Gratitude certainly proves its worth. Adele sounds amazing, as does Calvin Harris, but if you are looking for overwhelming bass you won’t find it here. The highs and mids are the real meat of these headphones. However, sometimes the highs can sting the ears, so you will want to be careful about your volume control. Bass is consistent and sublime throughout the whole listening experience too. And while the bass is not overwhelming, it certainly doesn’t underwhelm and provides the necessary balance for the rich highs.

The Monster ControlTalk feature is alive and well with Gratitude too. Nothing much has changed in this realm in regards to controlling your music when pairing them with an iPhone or iPod. Callers sound clear and crisp and with the extra curvature of the earbuds… you will certainly hear your mother louder and clearer than ever.


Gratitude has successfully done two things: 1. They have reintroduced a legendary band to a whole new generation. 2. They will make you appreciate listening to music that features a wide arrange of instruments, not just those that are being drowned out by bass or auto tune. Furthermore, the sound reproduction on the Gratitude in-ears are lush and vibrant. They will bring brass and wind instruments to life without becoming distorted at the highest pitch. And while Gratitude offers listeners a new take on music and appreciation for vocals, it doesn’t drown it out by deafening bass. The listening experience is channeled through the ear buds from the sublime to the rich and powerful. Forgetting the tie-in with Earth, Wind & Fire, Gratitude will make you grateful for music all over again. The In-Ear Gratitude headphones are available for as low as $199 on Amazon.

The Good: Rich in-ear listening experience. Spot on reproduction of mids, highs, and vocals. Solid construction. Large assortment of tips. Not one carrying case is included, but two!

The Bad: Pricey. Gets a bit uncomfortable after long periods of time. Not for those who love  their thumping in your head bass.

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