Justin Bieber Intros and then Breaks the Tosy mRobo Ultra Bass Robot

The Tosy mRobo Ultra Bass robot is what Transformers might have been like if the big bad Decepticons never appeared, a quick to transform music machine with some serious dance moves. Think of Bumblebee’s attitude with more sound and you’ll see where we’re coming from. Brand new on the market, the Tosy mRobo Ultra bass is a portable speaker, which converts into a dancing robot with serious grooves when you turn it on. It folds back into a discrete compact portable speaker when you’ve finished playing your tunes.

Justin Bieber was present as the mRobo stand for its first unveiling and he seems to have been so jealous of the robot’s moves that he sabotaged it (only joking). We’re guessing the link is that they’re both ‘entertainment machines?’  The mRobo is one mean dancing machine, so you may pick up some moves if you try to alongside it, and at the least you’ll always have a sure-fire way to get somebody onto the dance floor.

The mRobo comes with a dance arsenal of pre programmed moves and uses an intelligent software programme to analyze the music for beats and rhythms and then adjusts its dance moves accordingly. It’s pretty cool to see it wake up and dance as the music starts, unfolding butterfly like from its speaker shell into a beautiful white robot wearing cool shades.

The mRobo comes with 2GB of internal storage, letting you upload music via the USB port, and it will hold around 500 songs. You can also send music to the speakers via Bluetooth or connect it to another device. It weighs in at 3.3 pounds and work via battery, and the integrated speaker has the ability to produce bass at 40Hz.

It will retail for $199 and is expected to launch in Fall 2012.

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