Music Kickstarter Launches First Cloud Based Record Label

Given how unpopular major record labels have become with much of the Internet-active population, Music Kickstarter could represent a real, functional alternative to that major label system for artists everywhere. Kickstarter Music is an organized effort that will allow individual musicians to create their own record label, seeking funding from fans in exchange for various perks – which is what several bands and artists have already been doing on Kickstarter.

The service, which will officially be called Kick-Up, will handle much of the logistics artists are faced with, like copyright management and digital and physical distribution, and will help artists plan tours. The creative process is left completely up to the artist, who can create anything and copyright it – from full-on albums to riffs. There will also be a full suite of collaboration tools that will enable artists to hook up with other artists to create new bands and acts. Like Kickstarter, this is all dependent on crowd-sourced funding – if the goals are not met, nothing happens.

If it all works out, Music Kickstarter will represent a much more sensible approach to the music industry, both for fans and artists. With the artist becoming the label, essentially, creative freedom gets put at the forefront. And, with fans making decisions with their money, the people ultimately decide who becomes popular and who fades away. That seems to make more sense than what we have now – a curmudgeonly group of major record labels that effectively decide for the public who becomes popular and successful by way of their massive marketing budgets. Kickstarter Music’s vision is to put control of the world of music back in the hands of the artists and the people who support them. Sounds like music to my ears, at least.

You can sign up for the alpha version if the service here.

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