OnStar Shows Off Cloud Concept Car with 4G LTE, Opens up API

OnStar has announced that they are opening up its API for developers to develop apps for OnStar. That means that third party apps will be able to use the OnStar Cloud, which in turn opens their app up to a totally new market. This is a match made in heaven for companies like RelayRides.com, who happens to be one of the first to come out with this kind of third party app. At the moment RelayRides is using this opportunity to build OnStar connectivity into their own mobile app. This way, RelayRides.com users can use their mobile app to easily locate a car in their area.

This news also makes a lot of sense, especially when you look at what kind of projects the company has been working on over the past year. For example, earlier in the year the company began offering the ability to use Facebook through the OnStar system.

OnStar also took the stage to show off their tight integration with Cadillac’s new CUE system. CUE is Cadillac’s new touch based in-car entertainment and navigation system which takes cues, from smartphones. Check out our in-depth coverage of CUE here.

OnStar also talked about their partnership with Verizon to use the network’s 4G LTE high speed data network in their cars. And at CES this week, they plan on showing off some concept Chevrolet Volt cars which use 4G LTE to make Skype video calls from inside your car. This concept car will also be able to stream video to passengers in backseats and even remotely control lights and thermostats at their home.

But even though these cars using 4G LTE are just concept cars for the moment, OnStar says that they plan on bringing this technology to the market soon. Here is to hoping that these well connected cars don’t end up vaporware, even if making a Skype Video call behind the wheel does seem a bit dangerous….

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