Sony Debuts Crystal LED Prototype

Move over plasma and LCD, Sony’s Crystal LED might soon be making waves. The Sony Crystal LED is just a prototype and a proof-of-concept, but the beauty, accuracy, and crispness of the image is very real.

A lot of TVs have use a feature called “local dimming” where areas of the TV can dim independently of others. This allows the TV to deliver a wider range of shades and colors with higher contrast. Local dimming is not perfect; if a star is displayed on screen, there will be a halo around it reflecting the local area of dimming. Sony has solved this issue by engineering each individual pixel to be it’s own light source capable of dimming independently from every other pixel. This dramatically improves the light-use efficiency and delivers a much truer image.

There are 16 million pixels inorganic pixels laid out on the screen and each can light up on its own. The Crystal LED is capable of producing images with 3.5 times higher contrast, 1.4 times wider color gamut, and 10 times faster video image response time. Sony laid out a Crystal LED next to one of their LCD sets and the difference is palpable, even to the untrained eye. It’s even supposed to be more energy efficient than LCDs.

Unfortunately, we have no idea what the future of Crystal LED is, but we’re happy to know there’s a new contender in the HDTV playing field. Between Sony’s Crystal LED and Samsung’s Super OLED TV, we love where the TV industry is heading.