RIM Drops All PlayBooks to $299, 64GB Model Included

RIM has temporarily dropped the price on all of their PlayBook models to just $299. This pricing applies to their 16GB, 32GB and even their 64GB model, and will be available for a limited time only – until February 4th, at RIM’s own online store. In contrast, the 64GB model normally sells for $699, the 32GB model for $599 , and the 16GB model for $499. Poor RIM has had a really tough year, and that is in big part due to the unsuccessful PlayBook. The PlayBook has been long waiting an update which would bring an email and calendar client to the tablet.

This massive drop in price seems reminiscent of HP’s fire sale for their TouchPad, but RIM hasn’t explained a reason for this sudden price drop. Regardless, we still have some confidence that the PlayBook has more of a future left for it than the deceased TouchPad, at-least once the BlackBerry QNX OS rolls out next month. This new operating system brings several much needed features to the PlayBook that were missing at its launch.

So at the moment, this new and temporary pricing for the PlayBook is a pretty good deal, especially for $299 for the 64GB model. But chances are that a lot of consumers who looked to get a tablet in this price range this past holiday season, have already jumped on the Amazon Kindle Fire.

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  1. For the 64GB Playbook at this price, it is the best deal around. With android apps coming next month, it sure makes it a sweeter deal.