SolarKindle cover gives your Kindle 3 months of sun juice

Reading books on your Kindle is one of the pleasures of the 21st century; but despite the estimated 3 week recharge time, regular readers will find themselves out of juice far quicker. It’s pretty devastating to have a Kindle blank out on you in the middle of a story, so Kindle readers will be excited to learn about the SolarKindle, which combines a Kindle protective cover with a solar panel.

The SolarKindle features a large solar panel which charges in sunlight, and a 1 hour charge in sunlight approximates to 3 days of reading on your Kindle. You can also charge the SolarKindle via a USB port if you’re in low light conditions and want the assurance that you’ll definitely have the extra juice on you.

The SolarKindle also features an integrated 800lux LED reading lamp to allow you to read with comfort in bed or in low light conditions, and the light is held in place on a pivot connector which allows you to swivel it out and get the optimum light viewing angle.

The light is charged from the SolarKindle’s battery reserves, so it doesn’t drain the Kindle battery, and a USB port is used to charge both the light and the Kindle. To charge you press the power button on the SolarKindle and an LED indicator will display the remaining power level. During charging it will blink red, and you can turn this off by depressing the power button again. You feed your Kindle USB into the SolarKindle and attach it to your Kindle for charge on the go. Ideally, I’d like to see the SolarKindle come packaged with a shortened version of this cable, so you could have it available at all times.

We love this idea as most people we know already use some type of protective case for their Kindle, and this just maximizes their reading time and ease of usage.

The SolarKindle currently works for the new manual Kindle, and there will be a model for the Kindle Touch out later this year.

$79.99 from SolarMio

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