The Sudoku Watch Will Leave You Puzzled About the Time

If you couldn’t tell time on an analog watch, you will be damned if you can try and tell time on this latest concept watch from Tokyoflash. The Sodoku Watch is the perfect adornment for all those folks who ride the trains while penciling numbers into their Sodoku puzzle books. I personally don’t care for the popular number placement puzzle game, but there are many who are addicted (or at-least were addicted, before Angry Birds came along).

The display of the watch will feature the traditional Sudoku 9×9 grid ,and the missing numbers that need to be solved is actually the time. So not only is this a watch, but also a mind-numbing experience to figure out the time with. The Sudoku Watch will also include the date and alarm. And I assume that finding the date and setting the alarm is as much as a challenge as reading time on the watch.

Overall, the Sodoku Watch is certainly for someone who is up to a daily challenge, but I do pity the person who comes up to you to ask the time, expecting a quick answer. Right now the watch is in the very early concept stages, and if you want to chime in with your thoughts on it, Tokyoflash is all ears.