B&N Intros 8GB NOOK Tablet for $199

When the NOOK Tablet was first introduced, it took a lot of heat for its $249.99 price tag which was $49 more expensive than the competing Amazon Kindle Fire. However, B&N justified the extra cost of the NOOK Tablet for several reasons, including the fact that the NOOK Tablet packed in 16GB of storage in comparison to the Fire’s 8GB, and that the NOOK Tablet came with 1GB of RAM vs. the Fire’s 512MB of ram.

Now B&N has announced a more affordable NOOK Tablet for $199 with 8GB of storage, and 512MB of RAM, making the NOOK Tablet ready to really go head to head in a price war against the Kindle Fire. Because besides for RAM and storage, this new NOOK Tablet offers everything that the 16GB NOOK Tablet offers, including a 1GHz dual-core processor,  an 11.5 hour battery life, a microSD expansion slot, and a 7-inch VividView display. And at the same time, B&N has also dropped the price of the NOOK Color to $169.

For any customer who likes to read digitally, watch movies or TV shows, browse the web, or help their kids read and learn through interactive books and apps, our new $199 NOOK Tablet with 8GB is the best product value on the market

So no matter which way you look at it, the tablet / e-reader wars just heated up a bit more. But which camp are you going to side with? If you’re still on the fence, you might want to check out our NOOK Tablet vs. Kindle Fire post.