You’ll Fight Your Cat To Sleep Inside the Mac Apple Studio Display

Is your cat just too hip for that pedestrian bed you’re forcing it sleep in? If your cat was a person, would it use the word “upcycled?” If your answers are yes, you should probably take a look at this cat bed, made from a hollowed out Mac Studio Apple Computer. It would make your cat instantly cooler than all the other cats, but that was probably the case already. This hipster kitty home comes with a triple-stitched removable slipcover and a cushion, for maximum comfort and privacy. However, there is no AppleCare included.

Your kitty’s going to need to be well-behaved to earn this bed, though – the Upcycled Apple Computer Pet Bed is selling for $129 on Etsy, plus the $28 shipping charge. What’s with these cats getting these cool gadgets lately?! First there was the Cat Scratch DJ and now this! @Littlebuttons is getting really pissed. I guess she will just go chew on an Angry Bird.