CoPilot GPS App Will Provide Premium Navigation Features for Free

Today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ALK Technologies will be revealing their new GPS app, which has the trappings of a premium offering in a free app. Well, not completely free, but we’ll get to that later.

CoPilot GPS comes loaded with millions of points of interest, and enables users to plot up to 50 stops along the way of any given route, in case you want to plan an epic road trip from the convenience of your smartphone. Probably the most intriguing part of this app is that CoPilot does not require a data connection to function. The apps are downloaded to the user’s phone, and can be used in offline mode. Of course, this is a blessing and a curse – it’s great that the app won’t be a constant data hog, and will work in places with poor reception, but with that many points of interest plus detailed maps, you have to figure the app is going to take up a fair chunk of storage space.

Wikipedia and Bing searches are integrated into the app, and the navigation features a drag-and-drop method for changing routes, similar to the way you would perform the same task using Google Maps.

As mentioned before, the app isn’t totally free. Everything listed above does come with the free download, but voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation will cost $20 as an in-app purchase. A little steep, but given that it’s a one-time purchase, and not a subscription, it’s not a terrible deal. ActiveTraffic, which scans planned routes for traffic delays in real-time, will be an in-app purchase, and will cost $10 per year.

CoPilot GPS will be available for iOS and Android devices this spring for free.

Update: A representative for CoPilot GPS has informed me that a fully downloaded app with maps covering the entire United States will take up about 1 GB of storage space.

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