Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook Brings The Suzan’s ‘Ha Ha Ha’ Video To Life

That’s a wrap! It’s been a fun few days “on set” for the making of female rock band The Suzan’s “Ha Ha Ha” music video. What an experience it’s been. In just a few days, and with the help of Dell’s brand new XPS 13 Ultrabook, the folks at Dell, Intel, and Tom Tom Magazine have transformed an empty warehouse studio in Brooklyn, New York into an entire production studio. And we were there liveblogging this Create.Work.Inspire event from beginning to end.

In just over three days of shooting (and editing) Japanese Indie Rock Quartet, The Suzan, are left with one amazing music video. As a Dell/Intel sponsored event, the production was revolved around the Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook. There were no other laptops or computers in sight.

The amazing turn-around time for a completed work product is quite the selling point for the Ultrabook. To make things more interesting, a lot of the designers, editors, and other users involved were coming from Macs, and they still succeeded in producing something so seriously awesome. The general consensus from the Mac-users was that after the initial learning-curve of adjusting to different controls, the XPS 13 Ultrabook was more than powerful enough for all of their processes. Of course everyone was very impressed with its amazing sleek form, but other users also spoke highly of the keyboard, trackpad, and general usability.

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Having used the Ultrabook myself (and also being a Mac user) I have to admit, it’s a really sexy device. The build quality is just phenomenal. Between the edge-to-edge 13″ screen with Gorilla Glass, the light weight, the carbon fiber and aluminum coating, the all-day battery life, solid state drive, and core i5 or i7 — there’s really not much to dislike about this machine. I can’t help but laugh when I think of how far Dell has come since their gigantic clunky laptops from 10 years ago.

While the event was sponsored by Dell and Intel, it was organized by Tom Tom Magazine, a Magazine all about female drummers. Since we couldn’t say it any better: “Tom Tom seeks to raise awareness about female percussionists from all over the world and hopes to inspire women and girls of all ages to drum, all while strengthening and building the community of otherwise fragmented female musicians.” Check them out at TomTomMag.com

All-in-all it’s been a fun few days: we got to interact with extremely talented individuals, play with the soon-to-be-released Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook, watch an empty warehouse transform into a production studio, and view the work product – an amazing music video by an awesome female rock band. Watching The Suzan’s “Ha Ha Ha” music video is a must and once the editing is completed, we will update this post!

Update 3/19/2012: Check out the official music video!

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