Invoxia AudiOffice Turns the iPad Into a Business Phone

Invoxia impressed many at CES this year with their Smart Office Phone, a desktop phone that works as a dock of sorts for the iPhone. That product won an award for Best of Innovations in Portable Home Electronics at CES 2012, but the AudiOffice, just announced today at Mobile World Congress, appears poised to surpass that. The AudiOffice, like the Smart Office Phone, is a desktop phone with a corded handset, but this one works with all iOS devices and comes with enhanced audio tech to make business and conference calls a little better for businessmen and women who rely on Apple products for communication.

The AudiOffice runs on a Cortex A8 processor, and works in one of three ways. Users can talk using the handset or via speakerphone, or use a Bluetooth connection to stream music from their iOS device while not on a call. The AudiOffice really shines in speakerphone mode, using In Vivo Acoustic technology to create a surround sound effect that makes it seem like the person on the other end is actually in the room by replicating certain bass sounds. Background noise cancellation is also a big part of that audio tech. That advanced sound will be coming out of four wide-bandwidth speakers, and two digital microphones help to produce the surround sound sensation.

If you think that turning your mobile phone into a wired phone isn’t very practical, the product probably wasn’t made with you in mind. This one is strictly for in-office business types looking for higher-quality audio performance on conference calls. Mobile devices open up easy access to VoIP programs like Skype, which have become the backbone of business calls, so the AudiOffice definitely has its place. That said, the prototypical in-office business manager is rapidly becoming a thing of the past, as those in the business world, freed up by those same mobile devices, are increasingly on-the-go more often than not. We’ll see if there are enough people from the old school of business to buoy sales of this device.

Though the AudiOffice is designed with iOS devices in mind, any mobile device or computer can be used with AudiOffice by using a Bluetooth connection, a USB connection, or the headphone jack on the device. The Invoxia AudiOffice can be pre-ordered now from the Invoxia website for $299.

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