Ion Jukebox Dock for iPad is Fonzie Approved

Whoa. This might be one of the coolest iPad docks ever created, and as an added bonus, you won’t even need to give it a smack to make it work. The Ion Jukebox Dock fits the iPad like a glove, making the pairing seem like a seamless unit. There is nothing more to it than a set of speakers, a charging station for the iPad, and mounds of style. It even has neon lighting and a woodgrain finish on the sides. We’re guessing the Fonz would thumbs up this one before saving Ron Howard from getting pummeled for the umpteenth time.

Details and specs for this adorable dock are thin at the moment, but we do know that it comes with “high-quality” built-in stereo speakers. It also works with many popular jukebox apps in the app store, and it comes with a 1/8” input to connect other devices like iPhone or iPod. Pricing is TBD. And if the concept here sounds familiar, that could be because it reminds you of the Crosley iJukebox from way back.

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