Kitsound Panda and Koala iPhone Docks Are Painfully Cute

It’s not fair. There are so many people who don’t need an iPhone/iPod dock that are now going to have no choice but to buy another one. Thank Kitsound for creating these unrelentingly adorable Panda and Koala iPhone/iPod docks. An iPhone or iPod sticks right into the stomach of the bear of your choice, but if you’re not an Apple fan, don’t despair! A 3.5 mm auxiliary jack on the back makes these speakers compatible with just about any device capable of playing mp3s.

As if looks weren’t enough, even the controls are cute. Need to adjust the volume? Stroke the ears, which are touch sensitive. When you do, the koala’s or panda’s nose will blink, just in case your heart hadn’t melted yet.

You can snatch up your very own Panda or Koala iPod/iPhone dock now on Amazon, but looks this good don’t come cheap. Right now, they’re selling for £49.99, or about $79. Good thing these guys are adorable, or we’d be outraged at that kind of a price tag for a basic set of mp3 speakers.

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