V-Moda Teases 2012 Line-Up and LP Crossfade Custom Headphones

You see those mack-daddy headphones above?! Those could be yours too from V-Moda. The company is offering free customization with every pair of LP Crossfade Custom’s you buy on-line. V-Moda is just one of many companies that are adding some glitz to their headphones. Monster, Beats by Dr. Dre, Fanny Wang, etc… the list is endless of companies taking this new direction of sound and personal style. However, these companies are simply offering color customization options.  However, V-Moda is turning their flagship headphones into a fashion accessory or branding tool, without sacrificing sound or quality.

But the best part here is that not only are you getting a custom made pair of V-Moda cans that can be spruced up with your choice of image or logo, but you aren’t spending an arm and leg on it either. Furthermore, when ordering a Crossfade LP Custom you can choose from a total of 12 colors for the shields, and three ear pad colors. You can also add optional text to the shield such as your name.

The V-Moda Custom Crossfade LP Custom retails for just $199 which is super reasonable price, and a smart marketing initiative by the company to re-imagine an older pair of headphones in the V-Moda arsenal.

Besides turning up the style on the LP Crossfade Custom, V-Moda has a very exciting 2012 coming up. We can’t get into specifics, but the concepts introduced are the first of its kind from a ‘headphone’ manufacturer. Audiophiles will be drooling when these new concepts come to fruition and headphone junkies will love the newest addition in V-Moda’s carefully crafted and balanced over-ear headphones. Let’s just say that your iPhone/iPod Touch will never look or sound better…

V-Moda is entering 2012 will guns blazing and we can’t wait for them to unleash their wrath. With the release of the V-Moda M-80, LP2, and health conscious Faders last year… they have set the bar high and we would expect nothing less.

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