Unlocked Nokia Lumia 800 Entertainment Bundle Now Available

Microsoft and Nokia have been busy pushing the Nokia Lumia 800 hard, as both companies hope to make gains in a smartphone race that sees them as huge underdogs. The next step in that push is here, in the form of an unlocked Nokia Lumia 800 bundle that includes a few goodies that might catch your eye. The bundle, on sale only at Microsoft Stores, includes an unlocked Lumia 800, a Nokia HD Stereo Headset made by Monster, a Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headset, and a Nokia Play 360° speaker. The bundles are color coordinated, and come in all black or all magenta (the magenta bundle includes a white Nokia Play 360° speaker).

The offerings aren’t half bad, and an unlocked phone can be nice, but that naturally means a much higher price tag. If you want this bundle, you’ll have to shell out about $900, which is a pretty brutal number. But, if your heart is set on the Lumia 800 and those extras appeal to you, it might be worth a look if you’re padded in the wallet. The bundle officially goes on sale on February 26th, but (unsurprisingly) Microsoft is saying that if you want your bundle earlier than that, they’re not going to tell you no.

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