Philips DS6100 iPhone Speaker Dock is Made for the iMac

In case you haven’t noticed, Philips is in the business of speaker docks. Philips has revealed yet another dock, the DS6100, made with desktops in mind. Aesthetics were evidently a chief consideration with this dock – the sleek, aluminum body was designed specifically with the appearance of Apple products in mind, so your new device won’t stick out like a sore thumb and ruin the vibes in your own personal Apple shrine.

The dock has an auxiliary jack for headphones or other devices for the Apple uninitiated. The speakers themselves are made with neodymium speakers, which cut down on distortion and demagnetize more slowly, which should keep the sound quality pristine for a longer amount of time than other speakers.

The Philips DS6100 will hit stores in May of this year, carrying a $180 price tag. Oh, and if the concept behind this design looks familiar, check out our review of XtremeMac’s Tango Bar for iMac.

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