Sherwin-Williams Releases Tool That Turns Images Into Paint Palettes

I remember one time during my childhood, when my parents wanted to paint the living room. The decision-making process lasted about a year, and I’m being conservative with that estimate. Needless to say, painting the house, or any part of the house, was a big deal for my parents, as it is for countless others. Sherwin-Williams is trying to make that process a little easier with its new online service, Chip It!

Those looking to embark on a new paint job can scan any image on the Internet using Chip It!, which will create a palette of up to 10 different colors based on what is detected in the image. The resulting palettes are saved to the user’s individual profile, and can be printed out or shared. Chip It! is a bookmarklet that can identify colors without requiring the images to be uploaded separately.

This adds to Sherwin-Williams’ other forays into the world of technology, joining the ColorSnap app, which identifies colors in smartphone pictures, and the Sherwin-Williams Color Visualizer, a browser-based tool that allows users to upload images of their home to experiment with different color combinations.