TeeGee Comes to Life with iPhone or iPod Touch

Interactive toys and stuffed animals have been entertaining, teaching, and inspiring children for years now. They’re great companions as they are safe, fun, and educational. The soon-to-be-released TeeGee has taken interactive (stuffed) friends to a new level by harnessing the power of iOS. With an iPhone or iPod Touch powering TeeGee, the stuffed animal comes alive with dynamic stories, teaching concepts, speech recognition, and apps that grow just as children do.

TeeGee is one of the smartest stuffed animals out there. It grows with your child. Since it’s iOS-powered, parents can choose all of the age-appropriate games that TeeGee can play. It’s as easy as downloading TeeGee games and stories straight from the App Store. Some examples are Math Drill, Color Quiz, Spanish Tutor, Timmy T-Rex (story), and Word Challenge (multi-player game).

TeeGee interacts with children, but is also capable of interacting with a variety of smart accessories just by holding them up to its belly. If TeeGee gets hungry then you should feed him his favorite snack, bananas. If he gets sick, then by all means make him better with his first-aid kit.

When we say that TeeGee harnesses the power of iPhone’s and iPod Touches, we’re not kidding. It’s exclusively powered by the iOS device using the 30-pin dock connector. There’s no batteries or charging cables required! TeeGee takes advantage of iOS’s accelerometer, bluetooth, internet, speech recognition, and advanced processing power. TeeGee has the capabilities to provide an infinite amount of fun with never-ending stories, games, and apps.

The TeeGee will be available in Summer of 2012 for a very modest price of $49.99. For more information see TeeGee.me.