Top 10 Gadgety Gifts for Valentine’s Day + Giveaway!!!

Valentine’s Day is nigh, and that means one thing – the pressure’s on! It’s time for significant others to show off their gift-giving chops on the big stage of the Valentine’s Day date. After all, nothing says “You know me” like a well-chosen gift you know your better half will love. So, guys, should you go with the old standbys of chocolate, flowers, or jewelry? Recent research suggests otherwise – you’d better go tech. Look below for the hottest gadgets and accessories for Valentine’s Day this year. And, for all those shopping for guys – well, I think you already know where they stand on gadgets.

But before we go onto the gift guide, you might want to enter to win a great Valentine’s Day grab bag! We’re giving away a Speck Valentine’s iPhone 4S case plus a choice of a pink Speck SeeThru case for the 13″ MacBook Air or 13″ MacBook Pro! So don’t forget to enter!

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Speck Valentine’s Day iPhone 4S Cases

Show your partner you really care – about phone safety. These Speck iPhone 4S cases are designed with Valentine’s Day in mind, sporting purple and pink designs in either hard case or fitted form. The fitted case comes in a plaid mulberry and black pattern, while the hard cases are white with a pink and purple heart motif. Caring for that all-important gadget will run about $30 for the fitted case, and about $35 for a hard case from Speck.

Nikon 10 MP Digital Camera With Interchangeable Lens

Here’s news you’re sure to love – high-quality DSLR photos don’t require a high-quality DSLR camera anymore. Take this Nikon for example – the body of a point-and-shoot digital camera with a lens that can be taken off and replaced, depending on which lens is right for the moment. The camera is 10 MP, and allows for 1080p HD video recording, optical image stabilization, face detection, and full manual operation. You can capture your perfect Valentine’s Day moments for about $600 from Target.

Red Pantech Burst

You’ll see a burst of love radiating from your significant other (as long as she or he isn’t an Apple fangirl/boy) if you give the gift of one of the prettiest and most underrated Android phones on the market. The Pantech Burst is a 4G LTE phone, using AT&T’s brand new high-speed LTE network, and includes a 5 MP camera with 720p video capture. You’ll love watching those videos back on the Burst’s 4” Super AMOLED display, too. The Pantech Burst is only $50 with a 2-year contract from AT&T – hope you’re not scared of commitment.

Pink Vibro II Alarm Clock

Be careful – this one might send mixed messages to the non-morning person in your life. The Vibro II is an iPhone/iPod Touch dock that doubles as an alarm clock radio. Sounds like pretty standard fare, until you get to the Vibro part – a vibrating attachment that will jolt even the heaviest of sleepers awake when the alarm goes off. An FM radio and a solid set of speakers rounds out the features on this unique alarm clock. Get your sweetheart the gift of alertness in the morning (hey, it beats getting inadvertently smacked in the morning trying to do it yourself) for $80 from iLuv

Pink or Red Sony VAIO S Series Laptop

If there’s one thing the VAIO is known for, it’s stylishness. The S Series nails that even by VAIO’s high standards, with an almost seamless presentation, featuring brushed aluminum palm rests and an integrated hinge. Better yet, the VAIO S Series has the brains to match the beauty, powered by an Intel Core i7 processor and an AMD Radeon HD graphics card with 1 GB of VRAM. The full HD 15.5” version is LED backlit and presents images in 1920 x 1080 resolution. Throw in a backlit keyboard, and you’ve got a Valentine’s Day gift that will set the tone for a very good 2012. Best of all, the price stays reasonable, starting at just under $800.

HP X4000 Ruby Red Wireless Laser Mouse

This one might be a sneaky good gift this Valentine’s Day. A wireless laser mouse might not be that much to get excited about, but don’t worry – all you need to do is get creative with the presentation. Half the work is done for you – the deep, ruby red color is molded into a heart shape that is all too ripe for clever Valentine’s Day gift presentations that are sure to melt your significant other’s heart. Plus, the HP X4000 Ruby Red Wireless Laser Mouse is only $30 – good for your heart, too!

Epiphanie Clover Red Laptop Bag

Chances are, your sweetheart is already pretty well stocked with gadgets. Fortunately, accessories don’t have the same tendency to be redundant. Work that to your advantage with this laptop bag from Epiphanie. Made of synthetic leather, this hot-looking bag is water-resistant and equipped with extra padding to protect a 15” laptop. Of course, it’s not limited to just being a laptop bag – you can fit a battery cord, a camera body with lens attached, another long lens, two shorter lenses, and all the other little extras that might otherwise get thrown into a purse. But, your sweetheart can forget the word purse – she won’t need one after she gets this laptop bag. You can grab one from Epiphanie for $185.

Love Ring

Like those candy hearts for your finger, this Love Ring will shower the wearer with short and sweet 4-letter words (the good kinds!) of love and affection. The ring has four bands that the wearer can rotate to form different words like love, kiss, amor, and beso. The ring is made of recycled oxidized sterling silver, and is 12 mm wide. These lovely rings are all custom made, though, so you’ll have to know your sweetheart’s ring size – you do know, don’t you? You can get the Love Ring from SupermarketHQ for $320.

Wonder Woman Graphic Novel Corset

If the corset is good enough for Wonder Woman, it’s good enough for everyone, right? This Wonder Woman-themed corset is sure to light up the eyes of the Wonder Woman fan in your life. Actual pages from Wonder Woman graphic novels were cut up and made into a collage, then fused to a broadcloth. The broadcloth was stitched into a corset, forming what might just be the ultimate Wonder Woman fan item. Being made of paper, it can’t be washed, so you’re sweetheart will have to save it for really special occasions. As far as thoughts counting, if you’re going steady with a Wonder Woman fan, this corset probably can’t be beat for Valentine’s Day this year. You can pick one up from Etsy for $55, with another $10 tacked on for shipping.

Swarovski Indian Siam USB Heart

The heart-shaped locket is officially a relic of the past. Melt her heart 21st century style – with a USB flash drive embedded in a heart-shaped necklace pendant. A USB flash drive might not sound too romantic, admittedly. But, that will change when you see that this flash drive is actually a heart decked out with 54 Indian Siam crystals. The drive has a capacity of 4 GB – more than enough room to fit just the right romantic picture or video for the finishing touch. It’ll be sure to find its way straight to her heart! You can buy the Indian Siam USB Heart from Swarovski for $75.


  1. I want the nikon camera so we can go take pictures of us together, and she and i can take pictures of the moon 🙂

  2. I want an iHome or other type of clock radio/iphone dock that is not to bulky to replace my standard alarm clock.

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