90’s iPhone Flip Case Will Have You Missing Your Motorola StarTac

It never ceases to amaze me how we all lust for the next fastest and slickest gadget, and yet we still long for the tech of yester-year.  And with Mobile World Congress 2012 having just come to an end, it seems almost too appropriate for thumbsUp! to release a follow-up to their 80’s Retro Phone Case; the 90s Flip Phone Case.

This case may not have the same pop-culture effect that the 80’s Retro Phone Case from thumbsUp! did, but it certainly gives you a warm fuzzy feeling all over when you remember your first Motorola StarTAC or just about any phone that came out during that time that was a flip phone.

From the product image, it seems that the iPhone 4 sits comfortably in the case, and when you are ready to answer your phone you just flip it up, and then you can start gossiping about who is your favorite bitch on 90210 – Brenda or Kelly. The case will come with an aerial and a working lid speaker too, so answering calls shouldn’t be too awkward.

So if you are feeling nostalgic for the 90’s and would rather eat a real ice cream sandwich than have it as an OS, than the thumbsUp!’s 90’s Phone Case is for you. It will be launched in the UK during Q3 with a retail price of £14.99. And yeah, I will be importing one…