Rovio Wants to Create the Angriest Place on Earth

They’ve said they want to grow to the level of Disney.  Now, “Angry Birds” creator Rovio is looking to make good on that big talk. It’s a good thing they went with anger, though, because I’m pretty sure Disney owns the trademark to happiness.

The Angry Birds phenomenon has plans to expand into the theme park world (bootlegged Chinese theme parks notwithstanding), particularly in the United Kingdom, while the United States is set to enjoy an expanded assortment of Angry Birds merchandise to buy, which is incredible considering how much is already in stores.

Those theme parks are set to be themed playgrounds with Angry Birds arcades. I’m not even going to venture a guess at how much money is going to be blown on Angry Birds claw machines.

And, lest we forget, that Angry Birds movie is still coming to a theater near you at some point in the future. Still not ready to touch on that one yet.

I’m aware that “aggressive branding” is a term. It’s nice to have it explained in a very concrete way.

Via The Hollywood Reporter from Reuters