Beats by Dr. Dre Beatbox Portable Review


The Beatbox Portable might just have beaten its competition to a pulp. It’s stylish, easily portable, and it’s not only a great sounding iPhone/iPod dock, but it also shines as a Bluetooth speaker too! However, while the sound that was emanating from the Beatbox Portable is able to play loud and great, without distortion, it still lacks a bit of warmth that some other brands like the Philips Fidelio line and even Bose offer. It also doesn’t output extreme amounts of bass, and instead it tends to compliment the mids and highs supremely. That said, Beats by Dre critics will really have to dig to find fault with with the Beatbox Portable. The included remote is still a bit chintzy and lack of a full set of batteries is a disappointment considering the $399 price point. But anyone touting this beauty come the summer, will be quick to forgive that I’m sure. The Beatbox Portable is available in white and black and can be purchased online at AT&T.

The Good: Neat design, rich sound quality, not too bass heavy, pairs easily via Bluetooth, Bluetooth streaming quality is excellent, smaller footprint, carry handles and lightweight design makes it easy to carry, really shines on higher bit rates

The Bad: Remote is a bit cheap looking, no batteries included, placement is key to fill the room with sound, collects dirt and fingerprints easily, price is a bit high – but you know you want it anyway

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  1. The IMT Mix 800 has a 5.25 inch subwoofer and is just as clear…..its on Amazon now for only a little more than $200. So basically the Beats Box is just on name, and design.