Beats by Dr. Dre’s Beatbox Portable Will Have You Breakdancing

Dre is bringing the Beats to the world of portable speaker docks with the Beatbox Portable. It’s basically a more stylized, smaller version of the Beats By Dre Beatbox that came out some time ago. The Beatbox Portable works with pretty much any mobile device or computer, though that groove you see at the top is specifically designed for the iPhone and the iPod Touch, sporting a 30-pin connector. You can use anything thanks to the 3.5 mm headphone jack, but the Beatbox Portable is also Bluetooth eabled for wireless play.

Battery life is put at about 15 hours of continuous play, but it can also be powered using the included AC adapter. Unfortunately, battery-powered means 6 D-cell batteries, which doesn’t bode well for recharging possibilities. A remote including all the functionality of the Beatbox Portable rounds out what you can expect for the newest audio offering from Monster.

Hopefully the sound quality is just as good as those Beats By Dre headphones, because the price for the Beatbox Portable is steep, at about $400.

Update: It turns out that AT&T is the exclusive retail carrier for the new Beatbox Portable. The Beatbox Portable goes on sale for $399, at their retail locations starting March 11th. There is also a white model available.