BlackBerry App of the Week: Yoga Tips for Breast is the Most Bizarre App Name I Have Ever Seen

And winner for the worst titled app goes to….I had to do a double take when I saw that, but yes, that is the app’s name – Yoga Tips for Breast. I could try to describe the app for you, but I think the app’s page says it better than I can:

“After Marriage and also at the time of periods women will face severe conditions with their breast. As they are little bit sagged and they feels pain. To Overcome from this problem and to maintain perfect shape we come up with simple app “Yoga Tips For Breast”.This app will be very helpful for all the married women and young ladies. This app is also useful for getting relief from joint pains,headache,heart problems and you can reduce the fat on your waist.”

I’m not in a position to discuss the merits of yoga when it comes to breast health, but I’ve been told yoga has many health benefits. I do not know if healthy breasts are included in that deal. I don’t know if the developers know, either, or if they are hoping to get more downloads because they used the word “breast.”

If you’re interested, the app provides pictures and instructions for basic yoga poses. It doesn’t  look like a whole lot of effort went into this app. Shocking, I know.

This not-so-well-endowed app is available on BlackBerry App World for free (as it should be).