Your Dog Might Have a Better Vacation Than You at Dog Vacay

It’s not just for humans anymore – dogs now have their own couch surfing site, giving them their own staycations while their owners are out trips elsewhere.

Dog Vacay is a new service that allows dog owners to browse through other dog owners to find good dogsitters when it’s time to go on vacation. The service screensand vets everyone who wants to sign up as a boarder, which should mean that dog owners can easily find quality dog lovers who will properly take care of their pets. Owners can also browse boarders to verify that they are able to provide special care for Fido, if that’s applicable. You can even search by backyard size, if you have a big dog or a small dog that loves to roam around.

Peace of mind is going to be a big concern, of course – for most people, using Dog Vacay will mean leaving a family member in the care of a total stranger. Owners can request daily photo updates, and the site provides 24/7 support, access to vet care, and the Dog Vacay Concierge for arranging massages and insurance, for the especially pampered pooches out there.

The service is now live, just in time for Spring Break. Give it a look if you don’t know what to do with your beloved four-legged friend while you’re soaking up the sunshine.

Dog Vacay About Video from Boat Safety Films on Vimeo.