The Earphone Tidy is All Ears for Your Headphones

I guess it’s true that losing your earphones around the house is sometimes a problem. The Earphone Tidy is a very loud way to solve that problem for good, because I think it’d be pretty hard to lose track of this thing. It’s just the latest in an earful of accessories we’ve been hearing about.

You can wrap your earphone cords around the spool of the Earphone Tidy, keeping them untangled, while the earbuds themselves fit right into the ears on the outside. Fortunately, the tidy is small enough to be reasonably portable for those toting purses or handbags, though I would argue that a mobile device is probably the most cost-effective and convenient tidy on-the-go.

No word on pricing and availability yet, but we’ll let you know if we hear more.


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