The Future is So Bright, You Gotta Wear Grein Bamboo Shades

Sunglasses haven’t changed much over the years – UV-blocking lenses and plastic frames have pretty much been the standard. Thanks Kickstarter, we at least get to see something a little different, even if it never actually comes to fruition.

This pair of sunglasses from Grein foregoes plastic for bamboo. That bamboo is also UV-protected thanks to a special sealant, which should prevent the bamboo from damage or discoloration from frequent use. Protecting your eyes will be TAC lenses, which Grein claims is the future of sunglasses lenses. TAC lenses, according to Grein, are cheaper to produce and perform better than poly-carbonate lenses.

It’s not exactly reinventing the wheel, but if you dig the bamboo look, you can always throw a little coin Grein’s way on their Kickstarter page.

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