Hunger Games Bird Buds Headphones Hunger for Decent Sound

Let the the games begin! We don’t mean the Hunger Games but the merch games! So far we haven’t seen anything to impressive from the Hunger Games merchandise machine and these newest earbuds will probably not tingle your auditory senses either. However, those who are are chomping at the bit to own anything Hunger Games will appreciate the effort.

The Hunger Games Movie Bird Buds Ear Bud Headphones (I dare you to say that three times fast) feature the Mockingjay symbol from the Suzanne Collins book series. They also promise to deliver the highest in engineered sound…um sure. Let’s just hope that the Bird Buds are not so awful that they encourage a national televised event to the death.

The Hunger Games Bird Ear Buds retail for $12.99 at FAO Schwarz.