iCEO Steve Jobs Plush Doll Is Ready To Cuddle Your New iPad

There’s no way of knowing for sure what Steve Jobs would have thought of the iCEO doll. Who knows, maybe there would have been another lawsuit involved. Then again, Throwboy did take careful measures to make sure they never actually used Jobs’ name, so credit for that.

The Steve Jobs doll that isn’t called a Steve Jobs doll but is definitely a Steve Jobs doll comes with all the familiar trappings – glasses (which are removable), jeans, black turtleneck, grey hair, smug grin – the whole package. The iCEO doll is 15” tall, and the clothes are actually 100% cotton – nothing but the best. But, better act fast if you’re interested – the iCEO is going to be a limited edition, with 1,200 total plush dolls available.

The iCEO doll is available for pre-order on Throwboy’s website for $60. $6 of each purchase will go to the American Cancer Society. Unfortunately, sounds like you won’t be able to get your hands on your own Steve Jobs in time for the new iPad launch, but I’m sure he’ll be a welcome companion when you’re waiting in line in the cold for the new iPhone later this year.