Another Year, Another Intivation-Powered Solar Phone

Just like last year, Intivation has partnered up with a mobile phone maker to create a solar-powered phone to show off at MWC. Like the Umeox Apollo of MWC 2011, the Gionee W1512 Solar is infused with Intivation’s SunBoost 3 SmartCell technology, which promises good performance even in unfavorable conditions. Unfortunately, unlike last year, it doesn’t appear this phone will be an Android phone. This is a phone from the pre-smartphone days, which in a way makes sense – it can’t be easy to harness enough solar power to satiate the enormous need of smartphones for power. Half the time, it seems like regular batteries can’t even keep up. Still, it’s nice to see the technology being implemented – we won’t ever have solar-powered smartphones if nobody takes those baby steps, first. Credit to companies like Intivation, Umeox, and Gionee for doing just that.

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